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Drop Spider Games was founded by Andrew Bailey in 2009. He has 27 years of experience in the video game industry spanning back to the 8 bit era of the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum. He has seen games develop all the way from there, through 16 bit consoles, the PC and to now, current hardware.

Andrew came to Australia in 1990 to work for Beam Software and then in 1994 he co-founded Tantalus Entertainment (now Tantalus Media) and was CTO and director until 2006. He remained CTO until 2009. Andrew has designed and developed engine technology and in-house tools; the Mercury console engine, CRIS GBA engine, and the proprietary Tantalus DS and PSP engines. In 2004 Andrew was honored with the Australian Game Developer's Award for Outstanding Innovation.

For a list of previous works and more information click here.



Universal version for iPhone,iPad and iPod. Free download of first level.

iPad HD version, with higher resolution artwork and audio.

Free mini game based on the Golem Defense universe.

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