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The Drop Spider Venom Engine

Feature List

Deferred RenderA deferred render is a scene based rendering system that performs lighting (and shadows) as a whole, rather than polygon by polygon. As lights are applied separately as polygons in 2D, the number is virtually unlimited, with no hard-coded limit due to size of pixel shaders and so forth.
Multi Track AnimationA skeletonal animation system via a multi-track blender as standard, allowing runtime mixing of clips and sub-sections of clips.
C++ Game Engine Runtime engine code is a C++ engine built on two layers, a general drop spider framework and a venom game engine specific.
Python Build SystemThe build pipeline is written in python, and utilises the C++ framework for common types and utilities, via python extensions. As such all tools are easily combined, and can optionally be driven by a build system such as SCons.
Render PrimitivesStatic mesh, layered particle effects, skinned mesh and height-map terrains. Also a static mesh instancing system for fast rendering of normally poor overhead to polygon count like eco systems.


Universal version for iPhone,iPad and iPod. Free download of first level.

iPad HD version, with higher resolution artwork and audio.

Free mini game based on the Golem Defense universe.

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