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Welcome to the drop spider games web site. We are happy to announce our first release 'Golem Crusades' currently for the PC platform.

News of games from drop spider will be released, and some interesting history associated with them. Also articles on the design and concepts will be published here, and of course some artwork pictures.

Coco Loco is Released on the App Store 8-March-12

The Twiitch iOS game 'Coco Loco' is now available on the App Store. Buy it now! and enjoy cocoalicous fun.

Coco Loco is Press Released 8-Feburary-12

Drop Spider Games is proud to be associated with the up-coming iPhone/iPad game 'Coco Loco' developed by Twiitch.

Golem Defense Lite is Released9-September-11

Golem Defense Lite lets you play the first world for free. You can trial commanding Golems to defeat invading armies of the Source and reclaim the dwellings of the land. Then you can use the in App purchase to play the rest of the game, where you can build Golems from trees and stones, and balance defense, building and attacking strategies.

Spider Squish is Released31-March-11

The mini game Spider Squish for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is now available for free, from the Apple iOS App store. Click the image for more information.

Golem Defense HD is Released13-Jan-11

Golem Defense HD for iPad is now available for purchase, from the Apple iOS App store. Click the image for more information.

Golem Defense is Released9-Dec-10

Golem Defense is now available for purchase, from the Apple iOS App store. Click the image for more information.

Golem Crusades is Released10-Aug-10

Golem Crusades is now available for purchase, from its on site and hosters. Click the image for more information.

Golem Crusades Facebook fan page3-Aug-10

Golem Crusades now has its own fan page on Facebook. To kick off a number of art clips have been uploaded, including dev screen shots and promo art.

Golem Crusades Release Trailer31-July-10

The release trailer for Golem Crusades on You Tube.

Drop Spider You Tube Channel10-Apr-10

Drop Spider now has a channel on You Tube. It has the Golem Crusades Sneak Peek Video, but better than that is has an on-going video developement blog for the game.

Venom Engine Detailed28-Mar-10

The engine tech. behind Golem Crusades has been described here, giving an insight to how the technique of deferred rendering is done.

Guide to Golem Crusades Spells26-Mar-10

The spell list for Hasrinaxx has been released on the Golem Crusades website.

Golem Crusades Sneak Peek15-Mar-10

A small teaser video has been posted here, showing work in progress on Golem Crusades.

Screen Play Article24-Feb-10

Article at Screen Play (theage.com.au) on Drop Spider, myself and Golem Crusades.

Before consoles started to dominate the video game landscape, many budding developers like Australia's Andew Bailey got their start in the fledgling industry by banging away on home computers....

Golem Crusades Announced28-Jan-10

PRESS RELEASE: Hasrinaxx the Druid returns to the video game screen after two decades from his 8 bit glory days. He has made the transition from 3 colour sprite to 3D polygon wonderment, now fully animated, he is ready to help the people of Belorn to yet again to take on the evil forces of Acamantor.

Druid Fan Page09-Jan-10

A Fan Page on Facebook has been created. It has links to all things Druid and a scrapbook in the Album section. Please follow the link and join!

Original Started01-Jan-10

Drop Spider Games has started in ernest on an original game, initially for PC and probably consoles to follow. More when the game web-site has some content.

Druid on iPhone23-Nov-09

The original Commodore 64 Druid game is now available on iPhone via emulation thanks to Kiloo and Manomio.

Druid History17-Nov-09

Druid (and its sequel) were hit games on the Commodore 64. Read a brief history about them.



Universal version for iPhone,iPad and iPod. Free download of first level.

iPad HD version, with higher resolution artwork and audio.

Free mini game based on the Golem Defense universe.

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